Paint Colors & Contrasting

Now before you dash into Lowes to get Pantone Paint chips after watching the video, pause. I picked these paint chips up 8 years ago and these are no longer available as a collection. Sorry for misleading you there.

Lowes has actually removed these colors from their computer system. Fortunately I was able to keep the paint fan and we are able to continue to color match these. I also fave a file in the paint department with the SKU's on each color on file for all as I get these mixed. The employees are used to me and we have become good friends over the years but it is fun when they have a newbie. They are so

Consistent paint colors are something that will make painting and color selection so much easier if you are professionally producing BQ's. Build your color stock and paint chip library gradually and it will be rewarding along the way. I also keep my eye out for mis-mixed sample paints that are discounted. I do paint it on a piece of card stock so that if it is a color I love and want to use again, I have something for Lowes to color match to when needing more.

I know that some people are all for saving money and they choose to mix paint. There is nothing wrong with that but I have had so many "oh crap" moments in the beginning that taught me a few valuable lessons.

As shown in the video, there are colors that you may want to but in quarts. For instance, my popular red. It is the only color that I do however. I just don't use enough of any other color for it to be beneficial before a quart will harden.

I do use Flotrol additive to my paints. I covered the use of this in the book. It reduces paint strokes, thins paints if these have set for a while and makes coverage even. It is a great product and you mixing it is a little at a time until your paint is the consistency that works for you. It does not change the color of the paint.

I love helping and passing these tips to fellow artist. BUT I need feedback! Don't be afraid to ask questions, post comments, make request or even criticize! I can handle it and I sure can laugh at myself too!

Carry on with the addiction.......


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