Applying Sealer

OR the choice, to seal or not to seal? This is the most debated social media discussion that I see on various group pages. Everyone has their opinion and I have mine. I don't judge anyone either way. It is what works for you.

I choose to seal my BQ's because I use interior paints and I feel you must. I have not had any luck using exterior paints whether sealed or not. These seem to fade over time regardless and peel between tape lines. Not to mention, you cannot purchase sample paints in exterior therefore your expense is massive if offering many color options.

I use Sparurethane - water base - crystal clear - non yellowing sealer. I have also used other products and I love the Varathane Crystal Clear hardwood floor sealant for waterproof high traffic areas. I think it does just as well as the Sparurethane and it goes on smoother and dries quicker. So it is a matter of what you want to work with. Either is applied the same way.

As shown in the video, I use a hardwood floor pad for applying paint and stain. It gives a wide surface and a smooth application of product. I find it the easiest method. It does take some practice and I apply two (2) coats.

I have never had a issue with a sealer yellowing in the direct sunlight with either of these products

. I hope this helps anyone that is struggling with applying sealer. Don't give up because practice will make the difference.

So I only have a few more days in the studio before I take off to see the grand kids. If there is anything you want me to cover - comment below and I will see if I can make it happen.

Again, thanks to everyone that has purchased the book, Barn Quilt Addiction - any version. I never dreamed it would be as successful as it is and I hear Santa has lots of these coming down the chimney!

Keep up the Addiction -


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