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This beautiful 2x2' is made on plywood. It has a more rustic look and is perfect for the primitive look lover!  Vibrant yellow against a black background really shows off this piece. It painted with exterior paint and UV protectant sealed. 

Primitives Sunflower

  • Standard Shipping Costs for U.S.

    1'x1'  $20
    2'x2' $40
    3'x3'  Pickup/Delivery Only
    4'x4' Pickup/Delivery Only
    Other Items Varies by Artist
  • Barn quilts need to be mounted securely when displaying outdoors. We recommend that the barn quilt be screwed in directly to the structure it is being mounted on. Drill holes in the corners and secure with stainless steel screws. Just before the screw is completely screwed in we suggest to apply a small amount of clear caulking between the screw and the board to protect your barn quilt. 

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