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PLEASE NOTE: Purchase includes only 8 design images of this pattern using your color selections.

$20 Design Fee will be applied to your purchase of a barn quilt with Barn Quilt Headquarters. 

Additional design images of this pattern are available for $2 each.

Different patterns and colors options must be purchased separately. 

***Please specify the colors that you want to see for the birds****

***Based on the pattern, colors are limited to acheive the look of the pattern, therefore images that can be provided may be less than 8***

It is not necessary to choose a color palette when prompted to do so.  Please make comments of choices on checkout page in "Notes to Artist"

Love Birds

  • Design Images are digital files only. Files will be emailed to the address provided at checkout.  Please allow 72 hours for processing and delivery.

  • Once you have reviewed the 8 design images and selected a final design, a team member will provide you with an invoice for the barn quilt based on your desired size. 

    Size Price
    2' x 2'  $160
    3' x 3' $240
    4' x 4' $280

    Quote Available


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