Who Needs a Barn?

So you don't have a barn, yet you have a craving for a Barn Quilt? Well you are in luck. No one says you can't have one.

Homes. especially porches, are the biggest trend for those that do not have a barn. For those with the addiction, if you have one on your barn, you probably also have one on your porch or home.

These are such a colorful way to say welcome to guest and impress on them a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home. Stunning and colorful, these often give that extra something to the curve appeal of your home. Good news is, anywhere on your home is a great place to feature a Barn Quilt.

These can be personalized with a family initial for that extra touch. Some of the most beautiful ones bring in the accent colors of your home or patio furnishings. Show your support for your college or favorite sports team. That empty spot is just calling for a 2x2 or a 3x3 size. If you have the space, go for that 4x4!

Don't be afraid to start the trend in your neighborhood or on your street. It will catch on quickly and why not a Home Quilt Trail instead of a Barn Quilt Trail? Why not, we don't have rules and there are no boundaries with imagination.

Whether you have a ranch home. beach house, cabin, or contemporary home or even a condo, your entry way can be enhanced with a Barn Quilt. If you are into the farmhouse decor, it is necessary. The pattern you choose can be traditional or a contemporary one for that modern home. Be brave, go for it!

Carry on the Addiction....


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