Where to Begin?

I have no idea how to "Blog" but we are going to give this my best effort. Maybe it is the best way I can share my experience and help many at once.

Maybe I can provide a brief distraction for several while trying to find motivation to start their next project or I can give you something to check out while waiting for that coat of paint to dry. Or maybe, I can make enough grammar and spelling errors that you will know how my mind works, or lack

So I am going to use this blog to share with several at once. I get asked so many questions and feel if one person is asking, then maybe several are thinking the same thing. I want to help as many as possible. I also think of things I should have included in the book(s) or would like to have input on what I should have included. For instance yesterday, I had someone that wanted to know how to start painting. I did not realize just giving out a list of materials needed was not self explanatory for how to apply the paint. Said to myself - idiot - you left out the most important part!

So I am going to share along the way. Help where every I can and bore you with things you probably could care less about. I will post videos when I have help to record and I will take suggestions on anything you want to know about. Sometimes my post may have nothing to do with Barn Quilts, but my life. After all I am the oldest of five, single, have no desire to wake up with anyone in my house, and travel to see my grand kids often so who knows what I will share. Maybe have a few laughs along the way, share some fun stuff or vent on a crisis that may arise.

So here we go.............and thanks for joining this and let's have fun and continue the addiction therapy!

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