Picture This?

Taking pictures is my most frustrating part of the whole dang process. I am a terrible photographer and even worse at making videos. I guess you have gathered that this far. You can laugh at me, I do. I was never meant to be in movies so I guess it is good that God gave me other artistic talents.

I try to take pictures of every BQ I paint. There is nothing more frustrating than one pulling out the drive and thinking to myself, damn it! I forgot to get a picture of that one. Hopefully they will send a picture of it hanging.

Unfortunately, customers usually forget to send a picture with the BQ mounted in it's final home. They are so excited and they seem to just forget and that is OK with me. It does give me great joy to pass one of mine along my travels. Rarely do these stay local, I have these all over the southeast and even one in Paris. I have shipped to Colorado, Texas, California and Minnesota among many other states, back in the early days when I offered shipping.

I actually have a point of curiosity too. My son recently moved to Fayetteville, GA, outside of Atlanta. On the road to his house there is a BQ that looks exactly like one I have painted. I finally found a picture of it because I was not sure. It looks like it so I think I am going to have to knock on a door and ask if it is one of my babies. If it is not, they will be flattered that it was noticed, I hope.... lol

Anyway back to taking pictures. It is so hard for me to capture how vibrant and pretty each one is because I am horrible at it. I prefer to take my pictures outdoors on my deck because my view is the bomb! However, today it is cold, we may get more snow and I am just not into carrying out the BQ and back in. So finding an empty spot where there is not already one waiting to be picked up, that has good lighting, sucks,

Picking a great spot is necessary I think, if you are taking a picture for a piece that you are listing for sale. I rarely ever get to do that :(. The surroundings you choose to show off your work makes it look that much better I think. And that is what these blogs are about, my thoughts.

I am not an expert, my methods, products used, and tips are not the only ones out there. So my trolls can move I am posting all these because 1) I get asked the questions, 2) I am only giving my experience,not my expertise, 3) what I share has worked for me, 4) I have no one to talk to during my long days, 5) I am bored while paint is drying, 6) people tell me - write that stuff down and finally, why not? Who am I hurting with a little more information than you may have had along the way.

So now I will close and get busy. I am expecting about eight customers to pick up today and have 6 orders to provide designs for. At least that is two ahead for the day. Finishing up a County Fair and getting ready to start two more really pretty ones I can't wait to see finished! Stay tuned.......

Carry on with the Addiction........


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