Before I Painted Barn Quilts....

I have always done something artistic, "when in the mood". Just asked my late Grandpa who wanted me to paint a hand saw for him that belonged to his daddy. It took me 8 years to "get in the mood". Most truly creative people are like this. It is different with barn quilts because I am not really being creative - I am just repeating something I have seen or copied or plugged colors into an already existing pattern. I don't consider that to be using my creativity. I think creativity has to come out of nowhere - not resembling any idea seen or done before.

Anyway - I ran across these pictures while looking for another and this was a past use of a paint brush. Way before we had the vinyl cutters and other methods that can be purchased at Hobby Lobby. We didn't have those super stores of crafts way back then.

My brother was a very accomplished race car driver (still is but races USAC Sprint Cars) and has his large team and a big hauler and a totter-home to pull it. But not back in the good ole' days when I had to paint his race car. Chalk marker to hand draw and One Shot sign paint and an all night'er about every Friday night to get ready for Sat night dirt track racing.

I wish I had received $$$ for my efforts but I was on the family plan. It was expected. There were many nights I just wanted to cry because it was so much work but the car was such a big hit at the track, especially with the kids. It was also photographed and featured in some national racing magazines so I was flattered by that.

Our family race team with "Road Runner Racing" - because we just ran the roads from track to track. The good ole' 80's. Time flies and I am glad I have such great pictures to be able to share. Not to mention - my brother has come a LONG WAY since that bread truck and trailer that we piece milled together to make it to the track.

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