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Greene by Design

Hello, I’m Deanna Lynn Cole and I live on a family farm with my husband, our families, and our farm animals.  My first barn quilt square I painted was for my duck house, and the rest, as they say, is history.  Since painting my own barn quilt squares to hang up all around our family farm, it just seemed like the next best thing was to share my love for them even more with others. Whether you purchase a ready-made design, a custom order, or host a paint-your-own barn quilt square session; you can be sure that we take pride in our products and workmanship.

For all barn quilt squares purchased through Barn Quilt Headquarters, we will use quality MDO (Medium-density overlay) boards primed and painted using exterior house paint. (Please note we do not put a cover coat or any sealant on it unless you request it.)  At this time, our turnaround for a barn quilt square is 10-14 days. We’re happy to provide progress pics so that you can review and enjoy the process too. We look forward to being a part of this Barn Quilt journey with you.

Our Classes

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