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These instructions are tried and true to lead you on your path to the Barn Quilt Addiction.  It does not include pattern layouts.  It instructional on the products to use, tools recommended, and tips and tricks of an experienced artist.  It gives the most economical material list and cost-efficient way to get started with your project.


It is recommended to join the blog on for video tutorials that cover many, many subjects that will help you avoid first timers’ mistakes and learning shortcuts.  Don’t get discouraged along the way, none of us are perfect.


Patterns are available on the website under “shop now, downloads” or expand your inspiration and invest in the Barn Quilt Addiction or Enabling the Addiction books, also available on the site.  The combination of these books contains over 500 patterns that include drawing instructions for 2 ft, 3 ft and 4ft sizes along with instruction on larger sizes for all patterns.  It includes stunning color inspirations for each pattern also. 

How to Get Addicted: Beginners How to Instructions

  • Intermediate

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