OM Gosh - the addiction is real! I have been out of the studio since Dec 12th and I am dying to get back. I am so anxious to get busy painting!

The best part is taking that final picture and sharing with all. But my favorite part is drawing these out however. I have decides a method for doing virtual classes on this too, so stay engaged for more details on this,

My creative juices have been flowing while away so I have been working on images for the next book, especially color theory and color charts. I just wish I had the luxury of painting something other than orders but with 62 customers waiting, no chance of this. Pictures are of my next six orders.

I am also thinking about expanding my business and hiring other artist in different states to help me out. Yep - still pondering this and trying to figure out how to promote, share website and etc....and if anyone is interested in partnering up and growing their business.

Anyway, I am in Tulsa, OK today - I was kidnapped by my son for a big sprint car race. Drove 12 hours from Atlanta and he slept. My gears turned all the way. I could have been back home, painting today but sometimes, spending quality time with your grown kids without grand kids is the BEST!

Don't get caught up in the addiction so much that you loose site of family. Like any addiction, it can consume you. It does me at times and I have to walk away from the a paint brush. or technology. You know, if I had it under control, I would not be writing this blog to release my urge! LOL

Whether is it painting, drawing, selecting colors, buying another, finding a spot to hang one, gifting one, painting or being on social media about Barn Quilts, the ADDICTION IS REAL people....hahahaha!

I am here to enable all urges....carry on with the addiction!


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