Touch Ups 101

I am horrible at doing videos because I don't have assistance and it is hard to be one handed! But here it is - my best one take effort.

I was lazy yesterday all day. I got a new mattress and made the most of it while watching my Jags play. I know, it is sad that I am a Jag fan with their record but I am dedicated enough to have the DirectTV out of market package so I utilize my Sundays on the couch. However, that new mattress was really, really comfortable so I enjoyed it a while.

As a result, I neglected my painting ambitions and did not finish up the two I had on the bench yesterday. I am guilty of being selfish so today I had to get back at it. So I was finished the taping and painting and it is time for touch ups before putting the sealer on.

I do not do any touch ups on colors until I am completely done with all. I ind it easier to do it that way because sometimes I made a bigger mess than waiting until the end. No matter how good you are at taping, there are always going to be little places that need some extra attention.

When I tape off, I try to overlay the other color already painted just a little. This way I don't have empty space between colors. This usually works out unless I am too lazy to go find a pair of Dollar Tree glasses that I have laying around. And believe me, I buy 3 pair every time I go and I can still never find a pair when needed. Usually they are lost in this mess of knotted up hair that needs a more attention than I give it. (Why studio appointments are needed, so I can look like something human before a knock on the door).

Anyway, here is a video that shows you my technique for doing small touch ups. A small flat brush and a dab of paint. I usually screw things up more and it actually appears to be "touched up" if I re-tape and try to fix something. This is what works best for me.

I'd love to hear about some of your "oh lord" stories. We can laugh and learn together! Or if there is something you want to see, just give me some suggestions!

.......carry on with the Addiction!


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