Making Circles

It is snowing this morning here on the mountain and I love it. I am always praying for a foot or more. Call me crazy but I have plenty of work and no where to go!.

This Covid thing has not changed my life much because I rarely leave the house unless traveling to see the grand kids. Florida has been open so you can come and go with a mask and social distancing. Georgia has also reflected guidelines and everyone in my family thankfully, has stayed healthy. Pray that stays the same and you and your family is fairing as well as can be expected during these times.

I know that the stimulus check help my business. I took 16 orders in two weeks. Everyone was home, bored and on-line shopping and it was a blast to work on so many designs while initial quarantined.

So today I decided I would do another video on the making of circles. I see so many post that recommend all these tools. These are not necessary and I like to be as simple as possible and inexpensive. I always look around my house for something to use and improvise where possible.

I have never needed a protractor either. I have not come across an angle that did not meet a grid point. This is why I guess I am stubborn about these tools. As a fabric quilter, I have never needed anything other than a yard stick and scissors(cutting wheel) to cut out and sew any pattern with my cutting mat. Why would I need these to draw a pattern?

But if these tools work for you, by all means, spend the money and carry on.

This tool will make any circle size you may need. I have even used it to make 6ft circles on large pieces. I would love to see some of your creations with circles. My favorite is the Clamshell Rose pattern. It is in the Barn Quilt Addiciton Complete Resource Guide or the Advance Pattern Edition.

If I can answer any additional questions, just let me know - always here to help.

Continue with the addiction.................


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