Indoor Decor- YES!

I have so many wonderful customers and they continue to surprise me as to where they find a place for a Barn Quilt. It is a part of the addiction and I just am so happy to support

I absolutely love the use of BQ's indoors. These are the perfect addiction to any interior space. It does not matter whether you have a farmhouse decor or a contemporary feel to your space, there is a perfect pattern for you. I f you have the farmhouse decor, it is a must!

Here are some ways my customers have used these:

1) A customer had barn wood from their grandfathers tobacco barn. She took planks and hung these on her wall then mounted a 2 x 2 "Around the Block" pattern. The pattern and colors were from a quilt of here grandmothers. So sentimental in her den.

2) A modern farmhouse look was beautiful with a 4 x 4 Scrap Star in decor colors just leaning against the wall on a server in an entry way in a recent picture. I LOVE it and it is truly a statement piece.

3) I did a 2 x 6 - 3 row pattern of a "Carpenters Wheel" and this couple hung this one laterally behind a very long dining table in their home. I thought this was a perfect way to take advantage of a large long wall that need some personality.

4) Above a bed - yes this was the perfect place to feature a single block taken from a scarp quilt that was a family heirloom that was used on the bed. It gave another reason to admire the hard work and sentimental value of grandma's quilt.

5) Entry ways - these are perfect for placement of a barn quilt. If no place on the porch, bring it indoors! Sets the tone for the warmth of your home and welcomes quest with color and beauty.

6) Above fire places. This is one of the most popular places that my customer hang a large barn quilt. It is perfect to take up a large empty space and can bring the decor colors together.

So there are many options to consider, a 1 x 3 on a long wall, a 2 x 2 in the kitchen nook. a 3 x 3 in the family room, a series of several 1 x 1 grouped together up a stair case. Be creative, and remember, you can can have more than one. The addiction doesn't have to only be outdoors!

So now I know you are already scanning your home for that perfect spot!

Carry on with the addiction.....


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