The Best Gift Ever- A Barn Quilt

Gift Certificates are the answer to the gift giving dilemma of a barn quilt for the special people in your life. And it is the season for gift giving!

It never fails that the calls keep coming this time of year from people wanting to order a BQ for Christmas gifts, I usually cut off my Christmas orders in mid - Sept, first week of Oct at the latest.

My schedule is such that I am always out a minimum of three months on orders and usually closer to 4-6, depending on the time of year. For whatever reason, people think you can whip these up overnight, or with in a few days and you are just waiting on their order to be placed. Those of us that professionally do custom orders know that it just doesn't work that way.

Stock pieces? I wish I had the luxury of painting pieces to have on hand for purchasing. I rarely ever do. I just don't have the time. If I ever do, it is only a 2x2. I never do stock pieces any larger than this. This is a good size to put in a friends shop that is cash and carry.

So if someone calls looking for a BQ as a gift, I have found this is what works the best and it has been a very successful program. Gift Certificates....why? Here are the benefits....

1) I send them a beautiful greeting card with a BQ image for presentation along with the attractive gift certificate.

2) I include a letter of how the process works with information on the website.

3) If too late in the season to mail, I can send these electronically so instant availability.

4)The customer is placed on the production list at the time the Gift Certificate is purchased.

5) The person receiving is able to pick out their own pattern and color collection

6) The person receiving is emailed 8 images of the pattern chosen with the their color choices.

7) The value can be applied to any size that works the best for the person receiving.

Let's face it, the best part of getting a BQ for our home, business or barn is being able to choose the design. It is the fun part and makes the gift that much more meaningful. I find that this is the best way to assist my customers with that perfect gift.

For instance, this year someone is giving a GC and their plans are to bring the grandmother along with her grand daughter to assist in picking out and designing the barn quilt. The mom thought this was a great way to make the gift from the family that much more special for her mom. I can't agree more and can't wait to host them at the studio after the holidays.

So while the BQ might not be wrapped and under the tree, the gift will be just as special when it is the perfect choice and the process is an enjoyable one for picking it out. Whether scheduled for an in studio visit to choose or all done on-line, it is a great way to build the anticipation of seeing exactly what your fall in love with come to life when it is painted and ready to be picked up!

So consider offering these to your custom base for any occasion and it will be a joy to you and to them.

Carry on with the Addiction,


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