Details on Prices:


Our price list is based on basic patterns.  There may be an up-charge due to difficulty of selection or special art work such as a silhouette of a horse.  Most of our patterns are the base price.


For these “up-charge” patterns, it will be noted on the design itself in our Design Gallery..  This up-charge only applies to a 4 x 4 or smaller.  Larger selections will be quoted upon request.  


We do offer custom sizes and art work.  These will be quoted individually upon request. 

If you click on an actual pattern in the Design Gallery, it will give pricing on a individual pattern.


Prepayment is required and it is NON-REFUNDABLE.



Sorry - We DO NOT SHIP

Still looks as good as new!

This  Barn Quilt is over 10 years old and it looks as good as the day it was hung up! 

Please See Design Gallery for specific pattern pricing.

Standard Sizes


Size 1' x 1'

Ask for Quote

Size 2' x 2'


Size 3' x 3'


Size 4' x 4'


Size 5' x 5'


Size 6' x 6 '


Other Sizes Available

Quote Upon Request

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How Long Will It Take?

We appreciate you as a customer!


We hope that will make the selection process an enjoyable task and will offer our experience in assisting you in the selection of a color palate. 


Please allow us 72 hours to email your proofs to you.  We will provide at least eight (8) choices for you to choose from in the design chosen.  (Any requested additional designs will be $2.00 per design)


Once your design is chosen, it will be given to our artists, to bring your vision to life.  We work diligently to complete these commissioned pieces of art as quickly as possible.  We DO NOT guarantee a time. We try to estimate time to the best of our ability but it changes from day to day.  There are circumstances beyond our control that may delay the completion of these such as:


1)      Weather conditions—high humidity delays the drying process


2)      Family—Our artists may have family events, illness, holidays, and vacations, that will require their time away from the paint brush.


 3)     Volume of Orders—We average approximately 100 orders at any given time and one pattern may be more difficult that others, slowing the process.


4)      Size of orders, studio space is limited and a 6 x 6 order will take up more room when we could be working on 4 - 2 x 2 pieces.


We hope you love your piece upon completion but if it does not meet your expectations, we will re-do once, making changes as needed.  The only exception is choices with customizations such as animal silhouettes and any size larger that a 4' x 4'.  All orders are final sales upon approval of proof prior to painting.


Rest assured that we, as you, are very anxious to see the final Barn Quilt and look forward to being able to contact you as soon as it is delivered to our store.  Your patience will be well worth the time involved!


This is one of our beautiful Barn Quilts that a customer used indoors.  It is mounted to old barn wood and makes an attractive accent piece in their home.

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