I have put many hours into a series of four books to share my 10 years experience as a Barn Quilt artist.  I have tried to answer all the usual questions that I get asked on social media from varied sources.  I did my best.

Each book has the same introduction and information but the "Complete Resource" book is over 375 pages, full color, 8.5 x 11 paperback.  It includes over 175 patterns, each with multiple color layouts.  This includes patterns for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Patterns. 

I am self-publishing through Amazon and they do set the pricing.  I am only profiting about $5.00 per book.  I did not realize this obstacle when I started the project.    It is more costly than I would like it to be but still a wonderful investment.  Each  pattern does have grid size, layout, angles and measurements for 2ft, 3ft and 4ft Barn Quilts.

Since the COMPLETE Resource is costly, I have broken it down into three additional volumes, one for beginners, one with intermediate patterns, and one with advanced patterns.  It is much less expensive to choose the Complete Resource, however, you are able to pick and choose.

It includes:

  • Products Recommends

  • Techniques & Tips

  • Business Ideas

  • Humor

  • Endless Color Inspirations

  • Step By Step Drawing How To's

  • Resource Links to Social Media

  • YouTube Video to Compliment Book

I hope you will find these useful because I would have loved to had the resource when I started. 


Thanks for all the compliments on my work and I can't wait to see some of your beautiful Barn Quilts too. 

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Barn Quilt Addiction: Resource Guide for Beginner to Experienced Barn Quilt Artists

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Barn Quilt Addiction: Resource Guide for Beginners

Easy Patterns

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Barn Quilt Addiction: Resource Guide for Experienced Artists

Intermediate Patterns

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Barn Quilt Addiction: Resource Guide for Experienced Artists

Advance Patterns

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