BARN QUILTS can be seen throughout the Blue Ridge Mountains, and the country.  We have customers from all over the United States.  These works of art symbolize the comfort and warmth of a quilt and each pattern has a name.  These can be seen on homes, garages, sheds, porches, business and other locations other than just barns.


The History:


There are many reasons communities have joined the quilt movement.  We believe the history that takes us back to the pre-civil war era. 


Slaves would travel the Underground Railroad and families would take a scrap of a quilt, most often a single block, and tack it to the barn, their fence post or porch.  This was an indication to the slaves that it was a safe haven for food, shelter and comfort during their travel north.


Mount Jefferson is located in Ashe County, N.C. and it was very much a part of the Underground Railroad.  There are many caves on the mountain that the slaves would hide in on there way through N. C. to Virginia and further points north.


It is this tie to history that has helped to blanket our landscape.  Each work of art tells it’s own story and shouldn’t you pick a place for yours?


We are located in West Jefferson, N.C. in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Our studio is upstairs in the Historic Hotel on Main Street.






What is Special about Our Barn Quilts?


  • We use high quality paints that resist fading and gives the most vibrant colors.

  • Barn Quilts are painted on a durable product to with stand the elements, inside or outdoors.

  • We use a finish that is fade resistant,, non-yellowing and does not require yearly maintenance.

  • Our patterns are hand painted avoiding the use of taping off to prevent peeling and flaking between colors.

Located in Ashe County NC

1086 Friendship Baptist Church Rd

Jefferson, NC 28640


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